Tax Penalties Attorney The Woodlands

Abatement of IRS Penalties and Interest

The Internal Revenue Service adds insult to injury by piling on stiff penalties and interest when taxpayers are unable to pay — or disputing — the underlying tax debt. Our tax attorneys work on all fronts to (a) halt the accrual of interest, (b) rescind tax penalties and (c) challenge the original tax obligation.

Fighting IRS Penalties and Buying You Time
Our firm represents both individuals and small businesses in the The Woodlands and the North San Antonio area, and we have helped many clients statewide and throughout the United States. Call our experienced tax lawyers today.

Reducing or Eliminating Penalty and Interest

We have practiced in the field of tax law for over 17 years. Our attorneys hold advanced degrees (LL.M.) in Taxation. They have also worked for the IRS. Our in-depth knowledge of the Internal Revenue Service enables us to aggressively challenge IRS penalties:

  • Failure to file
  • Late payment
  • Understatement of income tax
  • Understatement of estate and gift taxes
  • Overvaluations
  • Tax fraud
  • Trust fund recovery penalty (individual liability for failure of the company to pay employment taxes)

Penalties range depending on the IRS infraction, and interest accrues from the date the tax was due. It is not uncommon for penalties and interest to compound to more than underlying tax owed. Unpaid, it can lead to liens and seizure of assets, wage garnishment or levies on your bank account.

Our tax attorneys exhaust every means to clear these surcharges. This often includes fighting penalties in appeals and in court, to prove that the late filing or underpayment was an honest error, that the IRS improperly applied the penalty.

Contact us today to get the IRS to back off while you resolve your tax penalties.