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We focus on handling sensitive and complex tax matters for a wide range of clients, including individuals and businesses of all sizes. Our work includes advising clients on the tax implications of various types of transactions, such as real estate deals, business transfers, and estate and gift taxes. We also have extensive experience helping clients take advantage of tax credits and incentives, such as research tax credits and historic tax credits.

To ensure the best possible results for our clients, we work closely with accountants and financial advisors to structure transactions in a tax-efficient manner. Our attorneys have a strong understanding of financial statements, investment strategies, and compliance requirements, which allows us to provide comprehensive tax planning services. Whether you are an individual or a small, mid-market, or large business, we have the knowledge and expertise to design practical and cost-effective tax planning strategies that meet your needs.

Common Tax Planning Engagements

At our tax law firm, we provide a range of common tax advice to help our clients navigate the complex world of tax law. Some examples of the types of tax advice we frequently provide include:

  • Advising individuals and businesses on how to properly report income and claim deductions to minimize tax liability
  • Assisting clients with tax planning to minimize their tax burden and take advantage of tax credits and incentives
  • Helping clients navigate the tax implications of real estate transactions, including exchanges, leasing, and depreciation
  • Providing guidance on business purchases, sales, and transfers, including choice of entity and net operating losses
  • Assisting with estate and gift taxes, including lifetime gifts, trusts, and disclaimers
  • Advising clients on tax compliance and representation in the event of an audit or other dispute with the IRS

Our team of experienced tax attorneys is dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of tax law and make informed decisions that minimize their tax liability. Whether you are an individual or a business, we can provide the tax advice and guidance you need to successfully navigate your tax obligations.

Where We Can Add Value

Our tax attorneys can add value in a variety of ways. Some examples of how our tax attorneys can add value include:

  1. Real estate transactions – including Sec. 1031 exchanges, leasing transactions, depreciation and expensing, accounting method changes, passive activity loss rules, and tax basis matters.
  2. Business transfers – including choice of entity, business purchases and sales, inventory, E&P, and net operating losses.
  3. Estate and gift taxes – including lifetime gifts and transfers, trusts, and disclaimers.
  4. Tax credits and incentives – including research tax credits, historic tax credits, and Sec. 179D deductions.

We serve individuals and small, mid-market and large businesses. We have the tax knowledge to structure and design practical and cost-effective tax planning strategies.

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