San Antonio Tax Litigation

We try to resolve tax disputes with Federal and state tax authorities without the need for court. But when cases cannot be resolved at the administrative level, we represent individuals and businesses with tax litigation.

While we are located in San Antonio, we represent individuals and businesses from San Antonio and throughout the United States in Federal or state courts. There are a number of courts that can hear tax matters. This includes:

United States Tax Court: Most federal tax cases are heard in the U.S. Tax Court. The U.S. Tax Court only hears tax cases. One of the most significant advantages of this forum is that taxpayers are not required to pay the tax assessment prior to litigation.

United States District Court: To bring a case before a United States District Court, taxpayers must exhaust all IRS administrative remedies and prepay the disputed tax deficiency. The U.S. District Courts are the only venue in which taxpayers may try their case before a jury.

United States Court of Federal Claims:  This court can be another beneficial forum for taxpayers who pay the disputed tax and then sue for a refund. 

U.S. Bankruptcy Courts: The U.S. Bankruptcy courts can hear tax matters that arise in a bankruptcy proceeding. This can be particularly helpful in the case of unpaid tax debts. These debts may be dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Tax Litigation Services We Provide

We provide the following tax litigation services:

  1. Tax deficiency litigation
  2. Tax refund litigation
  3. Collection Due Process litigation
  4. Trust fund recovery penalty litigation
  5. Freedom of Information Act litigation
  6. Wrongful seizures or levies
  7. Summons defense
  8. Expert witness testimony
  9. Criminal tax cases

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