Tax Litigation The Woodlands

Fight the IRS with a Former IRS Insider

Aggressive Tax Litigation Attorney Serving The Woodlands Clients

With over 17 years of experience in tax controversies, we are uniquely qualified to take on the IRS and beat them at their own game. We intervene in dispute tax assessments, help clients avoid criminal charges and resolve tax issues with the minimum impact.

Unfavorable Audit? Target on your back?
We represent individuals and business owners in the The Woodlands area, statewide and nationwide in tax litigation and IRS appeals. 

Our tax attorneys can respond to all disputes over state or federal taxes:

  • Failure to file income tax returns
  • Unreported income
  • Overstated deductions
  • Questionable tax shelters
  • Personal liability of corporate officers (employment tax)

Tax Appeals: Reasoning with the IRS

If the result of an IRS audit is additional income tax owed (often with penalties and interest), the taxpayer can request a hearing with the IRS Appeals Office. A senior administrator reviews the auditor’s findings.

Our tax attorneys have had substantial success in IRS appeals. We have helped clients avoid thousands of dollars — even hundreds of thousands — in tax assessments by presenting a viable defense of our clients tax returns. We have also helped head off criminal prosecutions by casting doubt on IRS assertions of intentional evasion.

Tax Litigation: Battling the IRS

Tax disputes not solved at the administrative level can be appealed to U.S. Tax Court (or U.S. District Court). Before private practice, some of our attorneys worked for the IRS. With his IRS insights and years of tax litigation experience on behalf of taxpayers, we can capably represent clients in these hard-fought proceedings.

Trials are expensive. We work hard to poke holes in the prosecution’s arguments to get the IRS or U.S. Attorney to drop its case, or to gain leverage for a favorable negotiated outcome. When a tax trial cannot be avoided, our tax attorneys often invoke the statute of limitations, innocent spouse relief and other proven defense strategies to save clients thousands and in some cases millions of dollars.

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