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It’s what no taxpayer in America wants to hear: His or her tax return has been selected for an audit by the IRS.

Have you been informed that you are being audited? You have the right to have an experienced lawyer represent you and make sure that the IRS plays by the rules. Our tax attorneys can give you the zealous representation you need to make sure that you receive a fair examination of your tax return and are not unfairly penalized. Clients throughout The Woodlands and North San Antonio turn to our firm for our experience, our belief in customer service and our commitment to results. We can help you face the IRS with confidence.

You have rights when dealing with the IRS. This includes having an experienced tax attorney to represent you — and we can make sure that your other rights are protected.

Your Experienced Guide, From Start To Finish

Don’t assume the worst if you have been chosen for a tax audit. Being audited is not an indication that you have done anything wrong; returns are selected based on several criteria, including:

  • Random selection
  • Tax returns where information on tax documents is inconsistent
  • Tax returns related to others that have been chosen for auditing

As your legal representative, we will be able to handle all necessary correspondence with the IRS. This includes organizing the documentation that the IRS will need when conducting its examination. We will work diligently until the IRS has completed its audit; if we determine that they reached a faulty decision, we can appeal that decision; if changes to your return require payment of taxes, we will help you pursue the most advantageous option for your situation.

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