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North San Antonio/The Woodlands Tax Attorneys

We focus on providing tax solutions to clients in North San Antonio and The Woodlands. Our North San Antonio tax attorneys help businesses and individuals resolve tax issues. We deliver meaningful tax advice and strive to resolve complex tax disputes in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

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Our services range from tax advice, sales and use tax compliance, audits and appeals, and federal and state tax refunds, to complex civil and criminal tax litigation matters. Here are some of the services we provide.

Tax Advice

We advise clients on taxable and non-taxable transactions. This includes M&A deals, business transitions, and real estate sales and exchanges. We also advise clients on specific tax attributes, such as depreciation deductions and research tax credits.

Tax Litigation

We represent individuals and businesses with tax litigation matters. This often involves working with accountants to resolve tax disagreements with Federal, State, and local authorities. We employ our experience in choosing the strategies that are crucial in obtaining the most favorable results.

Problem Tax Returns

We help clients with problem tax returns. This includes false and fraudulent returns and unfiled tax returns. It also includes returns with inadvertent errors.

Unpaid Tax Debts

We help clients with unpaid tax debts. Our North San Antonio tax attorneys can develop a plan to pay off the money you owe. We have helped hundreds of clients resolve the unpaid tax debt problems.

State & IRS Tax Audits

We help clients with state and IRS audits and administrative appeals. The states and IRS have various procedures for verifying compliance. This most often involves audits. Audits are conducted to determine that taxpayers are providing accurate information and reporting the correct amount of tax on their tax returns.

Tax Penalties

We help clients remove or manage state and IRS penalties. This includes failure to fie and pay penalties, accuracy and negligence penalties, fraud penalties, FBAR penalties, and even tax return preparer penalties.