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Tax Attorneys Helping Clients Located in The Woodlands, Texas

We are tax attorneys who help clients located in The Woodlands, Texas. We service our clients in this area from our office located on North I-45 and Beltway 8. This office is strategically located just South of The Woodlands so clients can stop by as they come and go from San Antonio.

Examples of Projects for Clients in The Woodlands

Here are a few examples of tax projects we have worked on for clients located in The Woodlands:

  1. Tax debt and unfiled tax returns for an oil and gas equipment company. The owner relocated the business to The Woodlands and had significant back taxes and had not filed for several years.
  2. Inventory and Texas Franchise Tax for a business owner. The business needed to change its method of accounting to take advantage of tax law changes for inventory. It was also overpaying its Texas franchise taxes by failing to take allowable reductions in computing its gross receipts.
  3. Unpaid payroll taxes for a physician group. The physician group was located in The Woodlands and in San Antonio. We represented the client with respect to its payroll taxes.
  4. Sec. 1031 exchange for real estate located in The Woodlands. The owner had seller-financed the property using a land trust and had questions about being able to do a Sec. 1031 exchange when the sale didn’t occur until he received the final installment payment was made.

These are just a few examples of projects for clients in The Woodlands.

What is the Difference Between a Tax Attorney & CPA?

Besides the obvious licensing difference, there are several differences between tax attorneys and CPAs. Here are a few:

  1. Most CPAs prefer to focus on numbers and try to find solutions using numbers. Tax attorneys often take a different approach. They often look to the tax law, which provides different solutions.
  2. Many CPAs prefer to avoid conflicts and controversy. Tax attorneys are trained to handle disputes.
  3. Many CPAs focus on non-tax matters, such as accounting. Tax attorneys do not.

These are just examples, which may not apply given the particular CPA or tax attorney in question.

If you are contemplating hiring a tax attorney or CPA, the number one consideration is whether you are comfortable with them and get a sense that they can handle your tax matter.

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